Below we present the basic procedure to apply for subsidies in The Netherlands. This is an extract from a presentation given by SenterNovem, the main subsidy organ of the Dutch government. All kinds of exeptions to the procedure presented are possible. You can download the whole presentation at `Downloads`.



  • Define the main points of your project: what is the purpose of the project and what are its most important elements?
  • Specify the subsidy opportunities
  • Examine the objectives and conditions of the regulations of each option
  • Is the project idea in accordance to the objectives and conditions of the regulations? If yes: then submit a request.


  • Complete the application form and produce the necessary appendices/attachments
  • Try to bring to worlds together, but do not harm your own project
  • Have a third party examine the concept for logic and consistency
  • Send in application in good time in tendering process (electronically if possible)
  • The application must be complete!!


Allocation / Rejection

  • Completion test (has everything been done that is required)
  • Contextual assessment by SenterNovem
  • Treatment of application by advisory board: recommendation on allocation or refusal, assessment with eventual ranking, extra conditions
  • Financial test/ adjustment of submitted budget
  • Decision: awarded or declined
  • Conditions (i.e. when are reports needed)


Execution of Project

  • Think of good project administration from the start
  • Closing hour administration is important
  • Follow original project planning
  • With greater deviations in time or contents, inform subsidiser in time


Interim reporting and statement (Assessment of progress and advance payment)

  • Bi-annual progress report plus summary of made and paid charges
  • Subsidiser/SenterNovem will contact or visit
  • With agreement, report of payment of advance on subsidy


Concluding report (establishment of definitive subsidy)

  • After completion of the project final report and final statement
    including accountants statement involving project charges
  • Subsidiser/SenterNovem determines the definite subsidy and pays the difference between already paid advances