“The meeting was very structured and indeed very informative. The board ensured that the doubts/questions of members are addressed adequately”

Mr. Daipayan Bhattacharjee – ING  – General Council Meeting 2016


“Insightful & transparent”

Mrs. Ritika Mehra – General Council Meeting 2016


“IT was well organized and good to come across new faces and people. Keep up the momentum”

Venkataraman Ramanathan – KPMG – General Council Meeting 2016


“Great meeting, transparent, clear and accessible. Good ideas. Agree with segmentation. Makes the organization more professional. If ever I can help with anything. Please contact me”

Sapna Knijnburg – Asia Wines – General Council Meeting 2016


“Een luchtige, leerzame en niet te lange bijeenkomst”.

Fabian Ammerlaan – Gordijnlab – Round Table “Doing Business with India” – 2016


“The NICCT managed to provide me with practical information on doing business in India, based on their own experience. Exactly what you need when you plan to do business in India”

Mr. Walleh – Open Circles – Round Table “Doing Business with India” – 2015


“Ik ben onder indruk van jullie kennis, ervaring en ook heldere feedback tijdens de Rondetafelbijeenkomst. Ik kan hierdoor direct mijn business plan voor India verbeteren”

Mr.  Willem Jan Braber – Ticketplus B.V. – Round Table “Doing Business with India” – 2015


“Ik vond het zeer geslaagd: onderhoudend, informatief en inspirerend”.

Mr. Robert Vennegoor – IMP Professionals – Round Table “Doing Business with India” – 2015