Inform, Inspire, Influence

The mission of NICCT is to inform. to Inspire, and to Influence it’s members so that they can achieve and improve on their business goals


Members of NICCT are regularly informed about the latest and most relevant developments & trends within the Indo-Dutch Business Corridor by means of seminars, round tables. newsletters and organ1zed gatherings NICCT prov1des opportunity to meet peer companies and expand business networks at all levels and sectors within the corridor. Some well-attended events are: Annual New Year Reception and the Netherlands India Business Meet (NIBM)-a prestigious business event organized together with KPMG and ING and yearly bringing together more than 200 companies. Round table sessions are organized together with VNO-NCW (the Netherlands Employers association) and MKB Nederland (the Netherlands association for SMe’s) for start-up companies and for full grown companies. The annual lecture on the lndian economy features prominent speakers from leading organizations.


NICCT actively seeks to influence the policies existing in India and The Netherlands. to encourage (free) trade in goods and services. These are policies that are relevant to free movement of business personnel. goods and services or specific policies relating to industry.


Besides having access to daily news updates on the Indo-Dutch business corridor and having access to a v1brant business community, you also receive as a member. the right to attend all standard events and networking meets free of charge. In addit1on you will rece1ve a d1scount on workshops and special events. The NICCT secretariat is at your disposal for information and assistance. Finally, you will have the opportunity to promote your business on the NICCT Web Portal.


New Year Reception -a network event for members, companies and other stake holders active in the Netherlands India Business Corridor.


NIBM (Netherlands India Business Meet) -a prestigious business event organized together with HCL, lNG and KPMG. Yearly bringing together more than 200 companies for over 11 years.


Annual Lecture on the Indian Economy upon the Influences of the Rising Indian Economy and Its Global Implications -an event where prominent speakers from leading entities are addressing the audience.


Round Table Sessions organized together with VNO-NCW and MKB Nederland -a great opportunity for start-up companies to launch their business in India. A great opportunity for full grown companies to give their business another boost.


NICCT also organizes many other events. In accordance with the needs of its members; “Meet the Distinguished CEO” & “Round Table Business Visa India” are just a few other examples.


Membership fee
The membership fee of NICCT is € 350.-per year. Patron Members, who are major supporters of the NICCT pay a higher rate. If you are considering becoming a patron member, please contact us at and we will have one of our Board members and/ or Patron members speak with you personally


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