Meijburg & Co

Expertise, a proactive approach, excellent quality, and high speed of response. These are just a few of the characteristics that have made Meijburg & Co one of the most prominent tax law firms in the Netherlands.


What does Meijburg & Co have to offer?

Our clients value our integrity and commitment. That is secured in both our work method and our business culture. Because every company is different and each tax issue requires a specific approach, Meijburg & Co always provides made-to-measure advice. And since service is all about people and good chemistry is the start of a successful relationship, we select a team that best suits our client. Our advisors are proactive and client driven, and are top tax experts. Meijburg & Co is an active participant in domestic and international government networks, employers’ associations, universities and professional bodies; we stay up to date and participate in developments in our areas of expertise. We are guided by facts and provide reliable and objective top-quality tax advice. We assume responsibility for the quality of our services, providing true value for money.



Meijburg & Co’s clients operate in various market segments and are often leading companies. Our clients range from wealthy individuals, small commercial enterprises and family businesses to domestic and multinational listed companies, but we also advise government bodies and non-profit organizations. To provide your company with the best service, our professionals work in specialized teams on all aspects of tax law. Our specialists use their multi-disciplinary knowledge for specific projects, such as mergers and acquisitions, business succession and international matters. Our teams know the markets they operate in well, which makes Meijburg & Co all-round in all market segments.


We often use KPMG’s worldwide network for the coordination of international tax advice. In addition, Meijburg & Co has some twenty country desks, including an India Desk, staffed by professionals with extensive experience in tax matters and in the legislation of various countries worldwide.