IBFA Post-Election Breakfast Briefing

International Business Foundation Amsterdam (IBFA) is inviting NICCT members for their exclusive event: IBFA Post-Election Breakfast Briefing, on Friday 24th of March at KPMG Headquarters in Amstelveen.


The Dutch general election will take place on 15th of March 2017. The results of this election and the consequent coalition government which will be formed is very difficult to predict. However, it is certain that the profile of the new Dutch government is of critical importance to business operating in this country, both domestic and international. To assist you in understanding the political post-election process and the possible outcome, the IBFA is organizing a Post-Election Breakfast Briefing on Friday March 24. The speaker at the Briefing is Mr. Stan Kaatee, who was recently appointed Director of Economic Affairs for the City of Amsterdam. Mr. Kaatee was previously senior advisor to the Dutch Prime Minister, Mark Rutte. He was also intensively involved in the coalition negotiations in 2012 which resulted in the current Rutte II Cabinet.


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Please note registration is mandatory and is only possible until Monday 20th March.