Data is the new oil of the digital era. A commodity that stimulates lucrative, fast-growing industries and businesses. Mr. Giles Slingers will be speaking on “Data-driven Organizational Transformation”. With organizations outsourcing and reshaping rapidly, you need to know what services will happen where, and the cost and headcount impact. Data is at the crux of every company and a company’s success is how it optimizes its data.

Mr. Michel Rademaker will be presenting how “Big Data, High Performance Computing and Artificial Intelligence have a large set of multifaceted capabilities to contribute to society and among others security. It has huge possibilities for business.”

In addition of its benefit, the use of these technologies trigger new issues, such as: trust in the technology, the risk of exclusion or discrimination, new vulnerabilities because of the omnipresence of data and the misuse of personal data. Algorithms based on the use of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence are increasingly used for decisions that have significant impact on individuals and societies. A framework for the responsible development and use of Big Data applications will be addressed to show how we can be responsible by design in developing and using data(applications).

The presenters for this breakout sessions are: