Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct NICCT Board members, dated April 7, 2016

To be personally signed by every Board Member.

Our partners expect us to be a reliable partner and expect us to do business the right way. Our business is built on trust. This Code of Conduct expresses our personal commitment to earn this trust every day, in each community and in all of our activities. It reflects our values through clear and simple direction for all of our team members, experts and partners. Both in the Netherlands and in India. This Code of Conduct shows what we want to be and how we want to act on that.

Code of Conduct

  • We personally set the example for each other and our stakeholders by being honest and fair.
  • We disclose any conflicts of interests that might influence our business judgment and avoid any appearance of impropriety in our dealings with others.
  • We are partners in promoting a culture of integrity through mutual respect, trust in each other and high standards of ethics.
  • We hold each other accountable to this code, and if we become aware of potential violations, we promptly report them.

Mission & Vision

The starting point of everything we do is our mission and vision. Mission: to be the leading authority on Netherlands – India business relations; to represent, and add tangible value for its members and to be the principal influencer for all its stakeholders.

Vision: the NICCT informs the Dutch-Indo business community on relevant business topics, inspires its members by facilitating a committed network and protects the interests of the Dutch-Indo business network by influencing stakeholders through lobby activities.


In our actions and behavior, we realize that the mission is what drives us. These three core values describe the identity of NICCT and serve as the basis for all work performed:

  • Pro-active – take initiatives in the Board and with relevant stakeholders
  • Independent – have a free mind and no interference with other business
  • Result driven – make it work, concrete actions with added value to members


In addition, the following principles apply to all people working for or on behalf of NICCT:

  • Contribute to the vision of NICCT, using all of your talents and skills. Our growth and success depend on the opinions and input of each individual. Be seen and heard frequently as a professional representative and ambassador of NICCT
  • Set clear and realistic targets for NICCT and for yourself and realize these within the agreed time, standards and conditions.
  • Always show respect for your discussion partners. Understand and consider their values, standards and the unwritten codes and rules of behaviour.
  • Do not be afraid of challenging others by asking questions. But do focus on ideas rather than on opinions.
  • The goal is not to be in constant agreement with one another, but to gain a deeper understanding of each other.
  • Be aware of your body language and non-verbal expressions. These are just as important as words.
  • Retain your integrity at all times and treat the data that belongs to NICCT with care and confidentially.


Violations of our Code of Conduct will be addressed to the violator with the aim to understand the reason for doing so and to find ways to improve. NICCT will not accept any structural violation and will take appropriate measures to safeguard the Code of Conduct. We want to be proud not only of what we achieve but also of the way we achieve it.