MumbaiFor years the Netherlands India Chamber of Commerce & Trade (NICCT) has been active in promoting business relations between the Netherlands and India. We believe that the economies of the two countries are mutually complementary in many ways and that there is a significant scope for expansion of trade and business relations between these two countries

The NICCT came into being in 2003 as a result of the merger between the India Trade Council and the Indo Dutch Chamber of Commerce, both of which had functioned in the Netherlands for many years and had similar objectives & activities.po┼╝yczki online Membership of the NICCT is growing steady. Currently more than 100 Dutch and Indian companies including major banks, insurance companies, IT related companies and multinationals are members of the NICCT.

What do we do for you as a member?

The NICCT informs its members about relevant business developments in India and the Netherlands. The NICCT also inspires its members by organizing various programs throughout the year and providing the opportunity for you to meet your peers and build your network. We are also influencing relevant stakeholders to optimize business relations between the Netherlands and India. By doing this we promote business and economic relations between India and the Netherlands to the mutual benefit of both countries.

NICCT: informs – inspires – influences