Coal India Limited, a Government of India Undertaking with its registered office at Coal Bhawan, Premises No. 04, Action Area 1 A, New Town, Rajarhat, Kolkata-700156, India invites online bids through its e-Procurement Portal from the eligible bidders for supply, installation and commissioning of 4 nos. of 10 – 12 CuM Diesel Hydraulic Face Shovels, 5 nos. of 10 – 12 CuM Diesel Hydraulic Backhoe Shovels and 1 no. 10-12 CuM Electric Hydraulic Face Shovel along with Consumable Spares and Consumables for 12 months of warranty period from the date of commissioning of the equipment and thereafter Spares & Consumables for a period of 5 years under Spares Cost Cap for its mining projects as described in Section-V “Schedule of Requirements”. 


The above attached tender document is also available in Coal India Portal (, CPPP (https:/ and Coalindia tender Portal (