Please find attached the tender notice issued by  INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY (INDIAN SCHOOL OF MINES), DHANBAD, dated 18 July 2019 for Supply and Installation of FLAC3D Software with Rhino and Griddle – Latest Versions FLAC3D Version 7.0 with Rhino 6.0 and Griddle 1.0 in Bundle.


Request to kindly refer to the attached document for more information (ME-PRJ-099-19-20)

  • All are requested to mention our file no. / NIT no. / Purchase Order no. in their e-mail.
  • For any payment issue, letters must be sent in hard copy with required documents in original as per purchase order (PO). On the cover, PO no. must be mentioned.
  • For submission of clarifications, letters along with desired attachments must be sent in hard copy. On the cover, NIT no. must be mentioned.