Greetings from Government of Punjab, India!


Punjab is a land of opportunities & enterprise. Ranked 2nd in the country in the achievement of sustainable development goals, Punjab is proud of its physical and social infrastructure as also its productive human capital. Politically stable, urbanized, well connected, liberal policies, clean & healthy environment and high-quality life have attracted investments from Europe, USA, Japan and other parts of the world. McKinsey report, “India`s Economic Geography in 2025: States, Clusters and Cities” has also recognized Punjab as high performing state.


Invest Punjab (Punjab Bureau of Investment Promotion) is the exclusive Investment Promotion Agency of the State of Punjab that acts as the single point of contact for the investors looking to set up their business in the State. We are also the Unified Regulator, providing state-level regulatory and fiscal approvals. The Bureau is a dedicated agency with a “Business First” mindset that engages in investor facilitation and aftercare. 


To read more about Invest Punjab, please find attached newsletter: Invest Punjab – Newsletter