We are pleased to inform you that the Central Potato Research Institute, a unit of Indian Council of Agricultural Research, Shimla, (HP), India has invited Global E-tender vide tender notice no. 15-1/Tender/2016-17/Store dated 28th November, 2016 for procurement of the following equipments/items: –

S. No. Name of the equipments/other items Quantity
1. Gas Permeability Tester 1 No.
2. Water Vapour Transmission Tester 1 No.
3. High Pressure Homogenizer 1 No.
      4. Stereomicroscope              1 No.

For detailed specifications/terms & conditions of the equipments/items are available in the CPP Portal http://eprocure.gov.in and on the Website: http//cpri.ernet.in.  The last date for submission of Tender is 05.01.2017 up to 11.00 hrs.