We are pleased to inform you that Indian Railways Station Development Corporation (IRSDC), Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation Limited (GSRTC) and Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) have  advertised a Global Notice for ‘Expression of Interest (EOI)’ forDevelopment of Multi Model Transportation Hub (MMTH) at Surat Railway Station/Gujarat on DBFOT Basis’ . The Project will be implemented under a joint venture Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV), which is proposed to be created. The components of the project include re development of Railway Station, re-development of GSRTC Bus Depot, providing East-West road connectivity, Development of Common facilities and commercials along the Project integration connectivity and Operations & Maintenance of Railway station & Bus Depot.

The details are available at website: www.irsdc.com . The ‘Expression of Interest (EOI)’ can be downloaded for free by visiting IRSDC Tender Wizard. Last date for submission of tender is 25.05.2016 up to 1400 hours.